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Zorex Lugs

Technical Specifications (Copper)

  • Material: Electrolytic high purity Copper tube & rod
  • Range: 0.5mm2 to 1000mm2 cable
  • Standard: BS, IS, DIN, IEC
  • Design Features: Dimensions as per international standard & voltage rating up to 33kv
  • Application: for various type of Stranded, compacted, sector & flexible cable termination
Zorex Lugs

Technical Specifications

  • Material: PVC
  • Inner Diameter (in MM): 0.5mm to 22 mm
  • Wall Thickness (in mm): 0.40 to 1.25 mm
  • Standard Colors: Black,Red,Blue,Yellow,Green & Transparent
  • Standard Packing: 30 Mtr Roll and 100 Mtr Roll
  • Used for: Protection of cable harnesses
Zorex Lugs

Technical Specifications

  • Material: PVC
  • Wall Thickness (in mm): 0.35mm to 0.5 mm
  • Inner Diameter (in mm):2.20 to 8 mm
  • Standard Colors: WHITE/YELLOW
  • Standard Packing: 100 Mtr Roll
  • Used for:Printing/marking on ferrule printing machines.
Zorex Lugs

Technical Specifications

  • Material: low - density polyethylene.
  • Outer Diameter (inches) : 1/8” to 1.1/2”
  • Outer Diameter (mm) : 3.00 to 38.00
  • Pitch (mm) :35.00 to 5.00
  • Packing : 10 mtrs to 50 mtrs.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Nylon
  • Length :100mm to 300mm
  • Packing : 100 Nos

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Altek is a dynamic entrepreneurial team of vivid, imaginative and passionate individuals with different talents and extensive expertise dedicated to develop innovative and competitive solutions and Service Brands. We are Altek, one of the most respected and valued distributors of quality electrical engineering products.

Altek Company has a comprehensive range of professional electrical equipment. You can choose among many different types of Terminal Lugs, PVC Sleeves, Spiral Wrapping Band, Tie Mounts.. We are also a leading distributers of electrical lugs Connectors, Cable Tie mount, PVC Sleeves, Spiral Wrapping bands and Butt Splices which are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Our products are easy to install in application. Our strength lies in our most extensive Moulding Technique. We use quality raw materials and advance technology.